This week we were once again reminded that a power outage can happen at any time of the year. A power outage can be inconvenient and costly. There are a number of reasons to install a standby generator.

Sump pumps to keep your basement dry, power to your furnace to keep you warm and your pipes from freezing. A Kohler standby generator keeps your refrigerator and freezer cold and will keep your water on if you have a well and many other electrical loads.

Kohler also offers OnCue for remote monitoring of your generator from you phone tablet or PC. This is especially a great tool if its your second home or are away often.

Wolters Electric is an authorized Kohler Generator Dealer. We will help you select the proper size unit to meet your specific needs and take care of service after the sale with qualified techs. we know there are other brands available we decided to offer Kohler because of there quality.

Contact us for a free in home evaluation and estimate to keep your heat and lights on the next time mother nature causes outages.

Check out this short video on how they work.

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